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120% Price Match Guarantee

We believe in providing all of our dreamers (customers) the best price for their purchases. If you find a lower price at any other location or website, we are more than happy to match the price.
Not only will we match the price, we are going to provide upto a 120% match.
Why? Because you took the time and energy to research and make sure you are making the best informed purchasing decision for your dream massage chair.


For example, if you find a lower price at a different location that lists the product $1,000 less, we will match the price and sell you the product by saving you $1,200 (additional 20% sale).

This excludes Clearance Promotion on discontinued or unpopular models by large vendors like Costco, Home Depot, Target, or Walmart.

While we may not be able to offer upto a 120% match on these large vendor clearance, we will still take the information and ensure you get the best option for the best price for your massage chair purchase.

Too good to be true? It's a wonderful day for your body's healthy desire to be fulfilled.

Your body's dream come true with Dream Massage Chair.


3 Simple Ways to Request the 120% Price Match:

1. Use our 24/7 Live Chat

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2. Call, Text or Email us

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3. Send us a Quick Form below

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